About Produce Depot

Produce Depot, a div. of Slingshot Brokers, is located in Brooklyn, Michigan. We are a provider of wholesale produce, packing, specialty packaging, and logistics services. Produce Depot packs and ships multiple produce SKUs destined for major retailers in the United States and Canada. We are an approved Sunkist packer; supplier of our own Sweet & Fancy brand, or we pack under your brand — the choice is yours.

A partnership with Fresh Taste Produce, who grows and imports high-quality produce from all over the world, allows us to meet customer needs — no matter the challenge.

A 74,400 sq. ft. technologically advanced facility is the heart of our operation. Four computer-controlled coolers and a state-of-the-art Compac sorting and processing line and 2 Giro Baggers ensure product freshness the way you need it.

We are able to provide very competitive pricing to our customers with the ability to meet your transportation needs.

Source to Shelf  Bulk to Packed  Generic to Branded Services

Our commitment to provide customers with outstanding value drives us each and every day.

For more information, please visit: www.producedepot.us